Exhaust & Ventilation System

We offer a wide range of ducting facilities that is perfect for all exhaust and air pollution control system applications. Generally, ducting is routed from the output of the exhaust system and will be directed to the dropping point that connect to a fume hood for fumes, dusts or mists absorption. Materials to be used for ducting can be from metal, plastic or fiberglass.

We Design, Fabricate And Provide

  • Installation Of Exhaust System
  • Fume Cupboard System
  • FRP Centrifugal Fan
  • Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) System
  • Exhaust Hood, Exhaust Duct And Control Damper

Over the years, Polydamic has solved many problems for all kinds of relevant industries and production plants which caused environmental-straining exhausted air.

frp fan
fume cupboard
local exhaust