Plastic Engineering & Fabrication Works

Plastic Engineering fabrication incorporate with latest techniques and the use of plates, rods, and other form of plastic components to produce quality industrial application with assertive customer satisfaction. Unlike metal, plastic never rust, scale or pit, they virtually last forever.

  • CPVCR Chlorine Degasser
  • PPR Hydrogen Degasser
  • PVCR Decomposer Tank
  • FM Approved PVC Ducting
  • PP Tanks & etc

Polydamic has the plastic materials and skills, incorporating the latest techniques and competence engineering in operation to produce quality plastic fabrications to suit every industrial application and assuring total products satisfaction. Some of our lines of products are ECTFE, PVDF & CPVCR Chlorine Degasser, PPR Hydrogen Degasser, PVCR Decomposer Tank, FM Approved PVC Ducting, PP Tank and etc.