Plastic Engineering & Fabrication Works

Polydamic plastics tank can be made of entirely plastic material or plastic reinforced with fiberglass (also known as dual laminates). Depending on chemical compatibility, suitable plastic material will be recommended. It can be PVC, CPVC, PP or PVDF.

Polydamic plastic tanks are commonly used in plating processes, electrocells and chemical storage. Polydamic also works with dual laminates in making degasser, concentrated acid storage tank, process tank and many more. From the simplest application to the most demanding environment, Polydamic has the solutions for you.

We have the tools and expertise to fabricate the following products and more:

1.CPVCR Chlorine Degasser
2.PPR Hydrogen Degasser
3.PVCR Decomposer Tank
4.FM Approved PVC Ducting