Fume Cupboard System

Fume Cupboard System

A fume cupboard is an enclosed system. Commonly installed in a laboratory, it can be table top or full height. POLYDAMIC fume cupboard features welded polypropylene, counter weight glass sash and explosion proof lighting.


The fume cupboard is completely built up with chemical and rust resistant polypropylene thermoplastic ranging from 6mm to 12mm thickness and is aerodynamically designed to give a uniform and safe air stream. All angles are bended to give a smooth and round edge. All parts are welded together and no secondary sealant is required as compared to a conventional fume cupboard of phenol-resin or epoxy construction. Our fume cupboard design is custom-built to accommodate any size, if required, to suit any site condition or preferred design by end user as the workability of thermoplastic enables any shapes and sizes to be fabricated.


  • 40W Explosion Proof Fluorescent lighting
  • On/off switch for lights
  • 3 Pin socket plug

Front Sash Window

The counter balance sash window is a 6mm thick laminated safety glass and has a full width continuous hand grip underneath for operation

POLYDAMIC can customize the size and features of your fume cupboard according to your needs. Talk to us.

Product Catalogue

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