Fume Scrubber System

Fume Scrubber System

A packed bed scrubber can be either vertically or horizontally configured. It consists of a height of packing media where absorption occurs, a demister to remove residual mist and a liquid recirculation system. Contaminant removal rate is high, typically more than 95%. Acids, ammonia, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, NOx and other soluble gasses can be effectively removed with a properly designed packed bed scrubber.

POLYDAMIC packed bed scrubber can be installed indoor, outdoor and rooftop. The major equipment in a scrubber system  comprises of an exhaust fan, a recirculation pump and a chemical dosing system. Operational control may include pH, blow-down and performance monitoring.

Some applications may require multi-stage scrubbing towers. Contact POLYDAMIC for a free consultation today.

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